How to delete your old facebook account ?

Hello friends,

Do you know, how to delete our old facebook account ? I will give you a tip.

These are the steps you have to follow to delete your Facbeook Account.

1. Go to this link
2. Click the “Submit” Button
3. Do not sign into facebook for 14 Days, also do not click on any “Like” buttons on any website.
4. Go out and enjoy your life, you are free now!


Add Facebook & Twitter like,share button in Wordpress

Hello all,

If you want to enable facebook like button and twitter button in your posts, just follow the below steps:

1. Click Settings

2. Go to Sharing

3. Enable your needed applications

4. Do save it

Now you are successfully activated the facebook and twitter connection with your wordpress.

Background Image for pendrive/ harddiskdrive

Are you bored of seeing blank wallpaper at the background of your pendrive/ harddisk drive?
Want something new. Then you must try this, this is a new trick to set a Wallpaper in the background of your USB Drive.
Just copy and paste this codings in notepad:
And save it as desktop.ini and you must also put the image
in your pendrive/ harddisk drive. Also you can change the name in
the second line ‘img.bmp’ with the name of the image.
I also want to tell you something more you must hide both of the files so that no one could understand what is happening.
Remember, here the name of the image file is ‘img.bmp’ (Obviously without quotes). Each time when you open the pendrive/ harddisk drive, you can see your beautiful background image.

Backup and Restore Wordpress Blogs

A nice way to backup and restore word press blog, i got from my friend is

Step One : Install this Wp Database Back Up plugin

Step Two : After Install Go to wordpress dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and activate ( /wp-admin/plugins.php)

Step Three : Go to Tools > Backup ( /wp-admin/tools.php?page=wp-db-backup) and Download backup to your computer

Step Five : Open your root folder with FTP client and download “wp-content” folder completly to your computer

 Now Backup  is Complete .
Restore Process is as:

Step One : Go to New server/hosting account Cpanel and install wordpress through Softaculous /Quick install or install manually through FTP

Step Two : Open your FTP client with New Server Login credentials and Upload and Replace  ”wp-content”  folder

Step Three : Go to New server/hosting account Cpanel > Php My admin > Select Database and Import .sql file from the downloaded backup file

Now Your Blog is restored to New hosting account

How to stop Unwanted Grouping in Facebook?

Facebook groups are worst when we get spammed with so many unwanted Facebook Groups created by someone in our friends list. Allowing that action will lead to something like, your facebook account added to multiple groups with same name and category of discussion that literally spams your facebook wall.

So what to do to prevent people from adding you automatically to facebook group they create ? Its bit hard to say, that there is no permanent fix announced by Facebook till date. There is just a temporary solution for this problem, where you have to visit that group and select “Leave Group” from the right side menu(from that tools symbol).

 Still your friends will get a wall update from you, that you so and so have joined this group. That must really be hectic to accept. May be in near future facebook can come up with a solution to give some more real freedom to facebook users with changes in privacy settings.

You may also try “Blocking Facebook Friend” who spamming you with so many facebook unwanted group invites that you dont wish to join. However, thats a kind of temporary solution against facebook group adding prevention. I hope this small tutorial on how to stop people adding you to facebook groups, helped you in getting rid of some facebook group invites that you dont want to join. Thanks for reading.

Remote Backup of SQL Server

1. Remote login to desired destination and share a drive/folder
2. Login to source system and Map that Network Drive which is shared
3. Now its the part of source system.
4. Now login to SQL Server and try to access the drive as:
Use Master
xp_cmdshell ‘Dir z:\*.bak’
5. Now system will show , it cant access the path or not find the
6. That is, network map drive is not accessible to sql server. Wat to
do next?
7.We have to make accessible it to Sql server as:
Use master
exec xp_cmdshell ‘net use Z: “\\ (Remote IP Address)\Database
Backup” (remote system password)/user:(remote system username)’
8. Now the mapped drive is accessible.
9. Now access the path using SQL Server
Use master
exec xp_cmdshell ‘Dir Z:\*.bak’
10. Yes, now we can access the database path on network drive
11. Now take the backup by selecting the drive z:
12. Also in the same way, we can access the drive for restore process

Lock your Laptop with MobilePhone

How about locking your system whenever you disconnect your bluetooth device or you go awayleaving your pc ? BtProx or Bluetooth Proximity Lock Utility is a tool with which you don’t need to lock your PC everytime you go away.

This tool can be used to lock your System anytime your bluetooth device gets disconnected from the PC either inititated by the user or if the user moves so far away from the PC that the device gets disconnected as it goes out of range. Thus whenever you go away from your system, you don’t need to manually lock it. It’ll automatically get locked.

How to lock your computer with your mobile phone ?

The locking procedure using this tool is more handy and sensible. The standard locking takes place after a certain time without consideration of where the user is even if the user is sitting in the same room. Infact it’ll lock even if user is reading anything on the computer without pressing any key. Bluetooth Proximity ensures that PC gets locked only if the user leaves the proximity of the computer.

You can download it from: